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No Sweat: Workout Apparel Upgrade

We can thank Charles Darwin and/or Anna Wintour for the logical evolution from the Juicy sweatsuit to today’s sleek luxury¬†apparel. Gone are the days of pastel velour and baggy t-shirts. Brands like Lululemon and Nike have created not only effective workout clothes, but pieces that can go beyond the gym. Or as the¬†insiders are saying […]

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Need it Now: Fisherman’s Sweater

Can anyone walk down the street with out being bombarded by holiday advertising? My favorite time of year comes a long with lots of shopping trips, wrapping, and crafting, which calls for comfortable attire. Does it get more comfortable or classic than a fisherman’s sweater? Here are some of my current favorites. click to buy […]

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Your Guide to Black Friday

Looking to avoid the massive crowds? This is where internet shopping comes and saves the day. We can score the deals in the comfort of our own homes. Sit down with a cup of coffee and explore the treasure trove of sales the internet has to offer. Now that’s something to give thanks for.

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