Now Playing: Fall 2014

Things I’m learning this fall: 1) Leaves actually change color. 2) There is a temperature below 50 degrees. 3) I need to buy a coat. Aside from the culture/weather shock I’m experiencing from my recent move to the Midwest, I’ve compiled some great tunes (new and old) in the last month or so, and assembled […]

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Lifestyle, Organization

Apps I Love

My phone, as much as I hate to admit, is an extension of my hand. With the exception of an insatiable paper planner addiction, my organization/ sanity is dependent on my phone. Here are some of my favorite apps that keep me sane. 1. Pinterest: One of the best designed apps on the market. A must […]

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8 Steps to a Productive Workspace

I’ve been swamped with APs and looming final exams, and feel like I have not left my desk in weeks. Everyone has those weeks where the workload seems endless, so I’ve developed some tips on creating a productive workspace. 1. Lighting  Open your blinds! Often times while wallowing in self-pity with my endless to-do list, […]

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