How to Fake the Spring Break Glow

These days, my complexion resembles that of a marshmallow. I have lost any semblance of color, and I feel like I haven’t seen the sun since Paris Hilton was relevant. But, spring break is a week away and I will be returning to my beloved sunshine state (aka my legs will be exposed). Jergens Natural Glow is a […]

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It’s Time to Tan

Please, please, PLEASE try to stay out of the sun. Put away your baby oil and just buy some self-tanner, ok? But it’s really not that easy. Self-tanning can become a degrading task in which the victim emerges looking like an extra in Willy Wonka, a Kardashian, or both. Since it’s that awkward time of […]

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Get Glowing: 3 Ways to Your Best Fake Tan

After all of my “research” (I use this word loosely) for this post, I’ve concluded that fake tanning is addictive and once you go tan, it’s hard to go back. I DO NOT condone tanning beds, and really encourage people to stay out of the sun. Both have serious consequences (melanomas are not your friend), so […]

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