Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer

Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer… drumroll please! Short hair requires a lot of styling. I’m pretty proficient in the art of the blow out, which requires three things: patience, a round brush, and a good blowdryer. I can’t say that patience is my strong suit, but I can certainly get my hands on a good […]

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Are You Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Properly?

We’re all guilty of not giving our makeup brushes enough TLC. I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now. After receiving some emails from readers last week about improper guidance regarding cleaning your NARS compact sponge, I finally got my act together. NOTE: It is SO important to clean your brushes regularly. […]

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8 Steps to a Productive Workspace

I’ve been swamped with APs and looming final exams, and feel like I have not left my desk in weeks. Everyone has those weeks where the workload seems endless, so I’ve developed some tips on creating a productive workspace. 1. Lighting  Open your blinds! Often times while wallowing in self-pity with my endless to-do list, […]

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