Airplane Beauty Essentials

Traveling is inevitable of the holiday season, and nothing is worse for your skin than an airplane cabin. image copy 13

  • Rule #1 : Always carry on your toiletries and makeup. This way you can avoid any unwanted shampoo and bronzer explosions. Find a toiletry bag you love (my mom and grandmother have sworn by Henri Bendel for years, and naturally I’ve caught the bug).J.Crew Scarf
  • Rule #2 : Travel with an oversized scarf. No matter your destination, airplanes are always a little chilly. An oversized scarf will double as a blanket on the plane.image copy 10
  • Rule #3 : Embrace your hair’s natural texture. Come prepared with dry shampoo and a good brush to vamp up your hair post-landing.

airplane makeup

  • Rule #4 : Have a post-flight destination? Apply a good tinted moisturizer (I’m still tied to my Chanel Vitalumière Aqua) and a couple swipes of mascara. A cream blush/highlighter palette can go a long way when you’re on the go. Press the blush color onto your cheeks (it can also doubles as a lip color).image copy 11
  • Rule #5: Time to use up those perfume samples! Upon landing, freshen up by spraying some perfume in your hair, as well as dabbing some on your wrists.

And the most important rule? Drink lots of WATER!

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Sophia Brahos

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