Coffee Table Composition

Coffee tables are a vital component of every living space. It is home to all things great, namely cheese platters and the TV remote. However, on a daily basis, the coffee table is the perfect place to show off your interior style mojo. The task can be daunting, but with this easy guide, you’re practically on your way to a spread in Architectural Digest. To get started, check out Chairish’s coffee table collection hereCoffee Table Crib Sheetshop the table HERE !

Pro Tip: Opt for a variety of heights. Pair something vertical, like a vase with flowers, with something flat, like a coffee table book. To bridge the gap, add a candle.

About Chairish

Chairish makes it easy for vintage furniture lovers to buy curated pieces online, in a trustworthy environment. Their collection is huge, and includes everything from sculptures to couches to linens. No more dingy vintage shops. With Chairish, you can shop for  unique, high quality pieces in the convenience of your home. I am especially fond of the feature that lets you shop by Style. No more sifting through Shabby Chic… you can head straight to the mid-century modern! Shop here! 

images via Pinterest and Chairish

Sophia Brahos

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