You Really Don’t Need an Apple Watch…


As a one year Apple Watch vet, I’ve deemed myself qualified to properly review the functionality of Apple’s most novel product. Please note that I am not a tech blogger, just a mere mortal with an opinion.

Surprisingly, I find myself spending significantly less time on my phone. Instead of incessantly checking it for notifications, I can wait for the gentle ping on my wrist to alert me if someone is trying to reach me. Now, if this doesn’t scream unnecessary frill, I don’t know what does. Apple markets this capability as the “All-Day Assistant,” giving you “Just What You Need. Right When You Need It.” Does this singular feature justify the price tag? Not really. But let’s continue…

Tracking steps via Apple Watch on the Great Wall of China 

The workout capabilities are no more superior than those of its competitors. That being said, if you already have a Fitbit or such, this product is not going to revolutionize your way of life. But, the data is presented in a more aesthetically-pleasing manner, and we all know that at the end of the day, that’s what I care about. I do enjoy the kind “Time to Stand!” reminders to get off my ass after watching five episodes of The Crown with not even bathroom break. When you’ve eaten enough Ruffles and you decide it’s time to workout, you have options galore. Run, Walk, Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Cycling, etc. The world is your fitness oyster. I typically set mine to “Other,” which is better for cardio and weight training combined. The results are usually in line with those of my heart rate monitor, so it’s gained my trust.

A lot of new features have come to light since I got it last Christmas. I can unlock my MacBook with a flick of the wrist, and can track my exercise with no iPhone nearby. Tesla and BMW introduced apps that allow you to check if your electric car is charged, or if the doors are locked. Digital boarding passes automatically appear on your watch. This makes for less phone-in-purse digging in security, and adds to overall ease of travel.

I must say, I love my Watch. It works seamlessly with my other Apple products, and has become a pretty integral part of my life. If I was constantly fielding phone calls and messages due to work/life, it would be significantly more vital to me. Honestly though, I could live contently without it.

I have a Series 1 in Rose Gold with a Lavender Sport Band. 

Sophia Brahos

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