Zoey Van Jones

When it comes to makeup application, brows are often forgotten.

It’s time to end this global epidemic. Your brows deserve a little TLC. Unless your are of Delevingne descent, this means shaping and filling.

Zoey Van Jones is a brow savant.

Her Pasadena studio has all of the fixings: brows (duh), makeup, waxing. Her services are stellar, but Zoey’s infectious personality keeps me coming back for more.

While I do think every lady needs to pay a visit to Zoey for a brow consultation, location can be limiting. HAVE NO FEAR: The product line is available online.

I use the line religiously. The Brow Shadow Duo and Dual Brow Brush are the cream of the crop. The small palette comes with two shades [one slightly lighter than the other], and the brush has a fine tip and spool. Zoey’s dubbed this the centerpiece of the collection, which I completely agree with.DSC00016

New to the scene is the tinted brow gel and the duo brow highlighter. I rely on the tinted brow gel when I’ve slept through my 4 alarms and have 20 minutes to get to class or just need a quick touch up. The duo brow highlighter is vital for feigning rest, which is a daily duty for me. DSC00015ZVJ Products 1

ZVJ is doin’ big things these days. I am so proud of everything Zoey and her team have accomplished, and the future is very bright for this team of beauty entrepreneurs.

post ZVJ visit


Disclaimer: products c/o Zoey Van Jones. All opinions are my own. 



Sophia Brahos

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